This website is a repository for genealogy and family history that I have compiled with the help of many people, over the past few years.

  •  Hyde Family (My paternal Grandfather): My Great-Great-Grandparents, James Hyde & Agnes Clark immigrated to Montreal from Glasgow, Scotland in 1853. My Great-Grandfather, John Hyde, was born-at-sea during that trip.
  • Boronow Family (My paternal Grandmother): My Great-Grandparents, Richard Boronow & Ida Meyer came to Montreal from Oppeln, Germany about 1885, a city near the eastern border with Poland. That city is now located in Poland, and is called Opole.
  • Irvine Family (My maternal Grandfather): My Great-Great-Grandfather, Alexander Campbell Irvine came to Toronto from County Fermanaugh, Ireland, about 1844. His wife,  Janet Shirra came from St. Ninians, Stirlingshire, Scotland, about 1871. They were married in Toronto, in 1872.
  • Shaw Family (My maternal Grandmother): These ancestors were early settlers of Glanford Township, Wentworth County, Ontario.
  • Boas Family (Paternal Great-Grandparents)
  • Hyde Family in Scotland (The search for my Scottish Roots)

Three books about family history are available here about the Hyde, Boronow and Shaw families. To download PDF copies, please click here.

To obtain printed copies, please click here.

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